Ground Source Heat umps

Your energy consumption for heating could be lowered up to 75% compared to direct electricity with the use of ground source heat pumps, resulting in a drastic reduction of your fuel bills.


We offer a varied selection of Plumbing and Heating solutions, not just Air Source Heat Pump installations. We aim to provide a comprehensive plumbing package, that fulfills our customers' every need.

Air Source Heat umps

Air Source Heat Pump technology has gone from strength-to-strength in recent times. It involves a large fan extracting air from the atmosphere. The system then compresses and heats it to high temperatures to be used for hot water heating systems and hot water supply. This technology uses a fraction of the energy of a conventional electric, oil or gas-fired heating system. Not only is fuel consumption considerably lower, the efficiency of the unit is such that it is significantly cheaper to run. PHS are delighted to have been appointed as the local agent for Panasonic Heat Pumps, an industry leader in efficiency and reliability. Our confidence in the produce is such that we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation to demonstrate how you can save £1000’s on your central heating bill.

Choose an air source heat pump for either new builds or retro-fit your current property. These heat pumps can be installed on almost any kind of terrain and come in a range of sizes to suit small, medium or large homes and even light commercial buildings.

These units can be docked together to produce a maximum of 180kW, more than sufficient for most installations. You don't need a large amount of land either because air to water heat pumps only require 350mm clearance from the wall (if placing it against a wall) and 1 metre of free space in front of the unit.

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