Air Source Heat umps

Our confidence in our Panasonic Heat Pumps is such that we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation to demonstrate how you can save £1000’s on your central heating bill.


We offer a varied selection of Plumbing and Heating solutions, not just Ground Source Heat Pump installations. We aim to provide a comprehensive plumbing package, that fulfills our customers' every need.

Mira Showers

PHS have been the Island Mira Showers service agent for a number of years, and have established a close working relationship with the shower provider over that time. Our engineers have an unparalleled knowledge of Mira Shower installation and repair built up over our many years of work with the company. We currently stock a wide variety of old and new Mira components in an effort to provide the fastest possible service in the event of breakdown or servicing needs.
If in need of a new Mira fit, or repair work on an existing Mira unit, call us immediately.

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