Ground Source Heat umps

The ground stays at a fairly consistent temperature under the surface throughout the  year, even during the depths of winter. Ground source heat pumps use this warmth, contained in the soil or groundwater, as their heating source. Pipes are buried in your garden to extract heat from the ground. This heat can then be used to feed traditional heating systems and hot water in your home. Water and antifreeze is circulated around the ground loop – a loop of pipe sunk into the soil. Heat from the ground is absorbed into the fluid and sent through a heat exchanger into the heat pump. This process can be run in reverse during hotter periods of the year, extracting heat from the property and transferring it into the soil. As such the Ground Source Heat Pump can offer a comprehensive heating and cooling system.

The length of ground loop required depends on your heating needs, requiring more space for larger properties. However space is no barrier to the installation of a Ground Source Heat Pump. In the event a properly lacks sufficient exposed land for the loop system, a vertical borehole can be drilled instead.

Your energy consumption for heating could be lowered up to 75% compared to direct electricity with the use of ground source heat pumps, resulting in a drastic reduction of your fuel bills.

Air Source Heat umps

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