Under Floor Heating Systems

Under Floor Heating remains a popular choice for doing away with bulky radiator systems and opening up possibilities when it comes to flooring. Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through pipe embedded within the floor construction, though there are various ways of going about this. Heat from this pipe is then transferred into the floor and then into the room. This removes the need for radiators, making more effective use of space as well as eliminating higher temperature surfaces - an underfloor heating system usually runs at 25-27°C, considerably lower than a conventional radiator.

The Under Floor Heating systems PHS prefers to install focus on high-level efficiency, operating in conjunction with your heat source to limit energy consumption.

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Air Source Heat umps

Our confidence in our Panasonic Heat Pumps is such that we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation to demonstrate how you can save £1000’s on your central heating bill.


We offer a varied selection of Plumbing and Heating solutions, not just Ground Source Heat Pump installations. We aim to provide a comprehensive plumbing package, that fulfills our customers' every need.