Ground Source Heat umps

Your energy consumption for heating could be lowered up to 75% compared to direct electricity with the use of ground source heat pumps, resulting in a drastic reduction of your fuel bills.


We offer a varied selection of Plumbing and Heating solutions, not just Air Source Heat Pump installations. We aim to provide a comprehensive plumbing package, that fulfills our customers' every need.

Thermaskirt Heating

Thermaskirt has been featured on some of the nation's most popular tv shows: Dragon's Den, Grand Designs and Property Ladder,  winning acclaim on the way. This simple-seeming technological innovation merges a traditional 2-pipe radiator system with your skirting board. Watertight, molded pipes embedded into stylish skirting allow for quick installation all around the room. The two-pipe system can then be connected directly into a conventional plumbed system just like a radiator . Oval pipes and aluminium alloys mean the skirting is slim and efficient, boasting heat emissions 5x better than steel. Combined with the renewable energy source of one of our heat pump or solar panel installations your heating bill could dwindle away to almost nothing.

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